are you mentally ready for digital adoption?

Business owners need to understand Digitalisation is a key enabler for businesses to improve competitiveness, productivity and sustainability. It will also help businesses to be more resilient and adapt to new post-COVID norms.

which section need to be digitize?

Find out which section of your business need to be digitize: – Automate labour-intensive tasks, system process, training, remote working, RPA and e-Invoicing. 

digital deployment segments

Digital Marketing, Digital Transaction, Digital Collaboration, Accounting, HR Management System & Payroll and Cybersecurity. 

find digital grants

There are many Digital Grants under the SMEs Go Digital programme, to give you a head start in going digital. Check the link :

if you’re not sure where to start

business sustainability plan

The majority transaction took place in physical stores, however online activities  such as pre-purchase research review have become important of buying process for a long time. Now most buyers are online so for SME’s have no other option to increase or start your digital process or be online to make your buyers identify you. 

launch online presence

Should have listed your business in Google  My Business and Start to have your own website, FB Page, Instagram, YouTube Channel, TikTok and other media at your own preference. 

e-commerce booster

Start with Marketplace or own store to sell  your products and services online to expand nationwide.

structure Digital plan

Having online presence doesn’t guarantee your sales success. It has to be Omnichannel on varieties of media to reach targeted audience.


The deployment of digital enablers technology various based on industry and position of the industry. ie:- Start up, Mid Growing and Leap ahead. 

land transport
marine & offshore
food services
facility management


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